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Welcome to the best mortgage company in Utah.

PRMI Home is a local Utah team of experts, with 15 years of experience dealing with mortgages and helping future homeowners find the right loan program to help you get closer to owning your dream home. Our range of specializations include zero down payment, housing grants, and 100% financing loans, as well as more traditional mortgages.

With these programs, our team has helped many families take the steps they need to get into that dream home or find the right commercial property to start or grow a business.

An Established Mortgage Company Licensed in 49 States

Since we first started providing mortgages in 1998, we have remained passionate and dedicated to helping first-time and repeat homebuyers all over Utah. Under the direction of President and CEO David Zitting (one of the original founders), PRMI Home is proud to be Salt Lake City’s leading mortgage company.

Serving Local Residents All Over Utah

As one of the most recognized mortgage companies in Salt Lake City, PRMI Home has gotten more than 225,000 borrowers closer to their dream – the dream of owning a home. Located in Salt Lake City, PRMI Home is ready to work with you and help you pursue your own American dream.