We believe our borrowers are worth more than a credit score.


  • FICO 500-579 = 90% LTV (Loan to Value); 580-639 = 96.5% LTV
  • Two months reserves
  • Employment: Minimum of 12 months in the same line of work for the borrower; six months for the co-borrower
  • Verifiable 12-months of rental history
  • HUD-approved homeownership workshop required
  • Additional conditions apply

At Primary Residential Mortgage, we believe in getting to know our borrowers beyond just a number on their credit scores. We understand that unexpected circumstances can always happen, even to the most financially responsible people, and sometimes these circumstances can result in financial problems that affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage.

With our low credit score program, Primary Residential Mortgage provides a second chance at home ownership, or the opportunity to reduce your current mortgage rate. With our in-house Choice program, we look beyond your credit score, focusing instead on other aspects of your financial situation to help determine if we can get you a loan.

Generally speaking, lenders look for credit scores of 640 or more in their credit report. Since these reports often go back for years, or even decades, we believe there are great people who have things in their credit report from the past that are pulling scores down and hindering their ability qualify for a low rate today.

With our low credit score program, we can disregard the score and really look at the credit-worthiness of each buyer on the merits and circumstances of more recent financial history. The in-house Choice program comes with a 30-year fixed-rate financing if the borrower’s credit score ranges from 500 to 639.

If a low credit score is making your dream of home ownership seem like a fantasy, talk to us about how we can turn it into a reality.

Our in-house PRMI CHOICE program assists eligible home buyers with 30-year fixed-rate financing if their credit score from 500 and 639.

Contact one of our qualified loan officers today to learn of the many benefits this program offers at (801) 448-7907.